72XX Series AC Current Transformer

  • AC Current Transformer
  • Reference Standard for the Calibration of Precision CTs
  • Currents as high as 10,000 A
  • Portable with carrying handle for smaller CTs
  • Wheels on heavier CTs
  • Passive or Electronically Aided Compensation
  • Division Ratio switchable from 1000:1 to 2000:1 and lower on smaller CTs
  • Accuracy <0.0015% (magnitude), <0.0015% (phase)
Features & Benefits

The 72XX Series of Precision AC Current Transformers from Measurements International (MI) continues to follow the longstanding history of quality products. Current transformers are used extensively for measuring current and monitoring the operation of the power grid by monitoring high currents at high voltages. Technical standards and design practices are used to ensure the safety of installations using current transformers.

Feature Benefit
Wide Input Current Range Extremely high linearity allows to cover a wide range of primary current values with the same CT.
Two-Stage Current Comparator Technology Units with comparator output can be used either as Precision CT or as a Current Comparator in more complex systems
Current Division Accuracy down to 15 parts in 106 Satisfies most Laboratories requirements for scaling down AC currents.
“Zero” Long-Term Drift Negligible drift permits users to extend the Calibration period between 3-5 years.
Electronically Aided Output with Compensated Input The 7201ACT Model has multi-ratio compensated input for easy cascading and achieving overall division ratio up to 1000000 to 1.


AC Current Transformer 7200ACC 7201ACT 7202A 7203A
Type   Passive              Two-Stage    Compensated Current Transformer/ Comparator Electronically Aided Current Transformer Multiple Ratios Multiple Ratio Standard Current Transformer Multiple Ratio Standard Current Transformer
Compensated CT Yes, Passive Yes, Active Yes, Passive Yes, Passive
Maximum Primary Current (A) 2000 100 (through window) 100 10 5000 (10000 A on 2000:1 only)
Input Connection 2″ (51mm) Window 1″ (25.5mm) Window with 5 pin Circular Connector TWECO Connector, Binding Posts 6″ (153mm) Window
Output Connection Binding Post and Locking Connector 5 pin Circular Connector 5 pin Circular Connector 5 pin Circular Connector
Maximum Burden (Ω) 1 1 1 1
Ratio Error (parts per 106) ± 15 ± 15 ± 15 ± 15
Phase Error (parts per 106) ± 15 ± 15 ± 15 ± 15
Notes Portable with Carrying Case Battery Operated, Portable with Carrying Case CT is mounted on wheels for maneuverability CT is mounted on wheels for maneuverability
Test Frequency Range (Hz) 40 to 400 40 to 400 40 to 400 40 to 400

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