A selection of data sheets available from Measurements International.

Resistance Standards

Resistance Standards


  • Signal Cable

Precision High Current Resistors/Shunts

Quantum Hall System

Standard Resistors

Temperature Stabilized Resistance Standards

Resistance Measurement

Resistance Measurement

Resistance Bridges – AccuBridge® Line
Accubridge® Model 6242DXS Automated Resistance Bridge
6020Q (0.1 Ω to 100 kΩ)
6000B (10 kΩ to 1 GΩ)
6600A (100 kΩ to 10 PΩ)
6010D (0.001 Ω to 100 kΩ)
6242D (0.001 Ω to 1 GΩ)

High Resistance Meters

6652A (1 MΩ to 100 TΩ) High Resistance Meter

High Current Resistance Measurement Systems

6010/6242 Systems Up to 10000 A
6010/6242 Systems Up to 3000 A

Air Baths/Oil Baths

9400 Standard Resistor Oil Bath
9300A Temperature Controlled Air Bath
Redesigned 9300 Temperature Controlled Air Bath

Scanners & Extenders

42XXA Series of Four-Terminal Scanners
42XXB Series of Four-Terminal Scanners
46XX Series of High Resistance Scanners
6011 Series of Range Extenders
6023, 6025, 6027 Series of High Current Reversing Switches
6150A 150 Amp DC Current Source


Shielded Cable
GPIB Cables

Voltage Measurement

Voltage Measurement


GPIB/USB Interface Cable
6099-IC – Instrument Controller with Peripherals
6099-PRESS – Laboratory Pressure Monitoring
6099-TEMP/HUMID – Laboratory Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
8000B IEEE Interface Card (NI)
SPSCW Grey 2-Conductor Shielded Wire
732B 10 V & 1 V Reference

Automated Potentiometer Systems

8000B/8001B Automated 1200 V Voltage Measurement System

Voltage Dividers

1340A High Precision Voltage Divider
8000B 10 V Binary Voltage Divider
8001B 1200 V Range Extender

Temperature Measurement

Temperature Measurement


GPIB Cables
Signal Cable

Automated Temperature Resistance Standard

1310T Temperature Resistance Standard

Precision Temperature Bridges – AccuBridge® Line

AccuBridge® 6020T Series


4210A/B Automated Low-Thermal Matrix Scanner
4216A/B Automated Low-Thermal Matrix Scanner
4220A-30 Amp
4220A/B Automated Low-Thermal Matrix Scanner


Accu-T-Cal™ Software

Standard Resistors

9331G Series
9331 Standard AC/DC Air Resistor
9331R Precision Standard AC/DC Reference Resistors
9210B Reference Series Standard AC/DC Oil Resistors
9210A Series

Current Measurement

Current Measurement

6010/6242 Systems Up to 10000 A
6010/6242 Systems Up to 3000 A
DCCT Calibration Systems – Model 6300

LCR Calibrator

Z1000 iSimulator Impedance Simulator

Calibrator/DVM Calibration

1310A Automated Resistance Standard
1340A High Precision Voltage Divider
1330A Artifact Transfer Standard

AC Power & Energy

Capacitance/Inductance/Tan Delta Bridges & AC Ratio Bridges

7020 Two-Stage-Compensated Current Transformer
7010C High-Voltage, Capacitance, Inductance, Tan Delta Bridge

Current Transformers & Bushings

7020 Two-Stage-Compensated Current Transformer
7023U Vertical Bushing
7022 Vertical Bushing 6000 A
7022 Vertical Bushing 4000 A
7021U Vertical Bushing 4000 A
7021U Vertical Bushing 2000 A
7021/4000 Horizontal Bushing
7021/1000 Horizontal Bushing
7020H Two-Stage-Compensated Current Transformer

High-Voltage Dividers & Capacitors

2503A High-Voltage Divider
2502A High-Voltage Divider
2501A High-Voltage Divider
2500A High-Voltage Divider Series

Instrument Transformer (CT & PT Test Equipment)

7070A-UI AC Ratio Bridge
7070A-U AC Voltage Ratio Bridge
7070A-I AC Current Ratio Bridge

Power Analyzers & Wattmeters

2020A Premium Power Analyzer
2023A-XP – 3-Phase Power Analyzer
2023A – 3-Phase Power Analyzer
2020A Standard Wattmeter

Standard Current Transformers

7020 Two-Stage-Compensated Current Transformer

Transconductance & Transimpedance Amplifiers

2701A Transconductance Amplifier
2600A AC Transimpedance Amplifier

Transformer & Reactor Testing

AccuLoss® Series of Transformer Loss Measurement System

AccuLoss® Loss Measurement Systems – Horizontal
AccuLoss® Loss Measurement Systems – Vertical