Why Measurements International?

Measurements International (or simply MI) specializes in providing products and services in two different and key areas: electrical metrology and electrical power transformer testing.

Widely acknowledged as the preferred provider of electrical metrology products and services, MI is used by the majority of National Measurement Institutes as well as hundreds of industrial primary standards laboratories worldwide. These permit the international community to support worldwide scientific research, as well as critical trade and commerce. Specialized in creating and supporting traceability to the international standards for resistance and voltage for electrical metrology, MI is the proven and preferred supplier of these tools. With nearly 35 years of company experience, MI’s technologists, including engineers and technicians themselves, have significant years of experience in this field of metrology and instrumentation. This uniquely offers users unsurpassed confidence in their quality of measurement, its’ consistency over time, and confidence in its traceability to international scientific standards.

Measurements International’s transformer testing systems support the electrical power generation and distribution industry with the tools needed to confirm transformers meet the requirements of operating with high efficiency with both known and minimal losses. In today’s power transmission systems, it is essential to ensure the transformers are used to meet the performance guaranteed by the transformer suppliers and the expectations of the transformer users. MI’s automated testing systems can identify problems and defects in transformers, thereby supporting the required efficiencies of the power grid.

5 Questions to Ask Your Calibration Equipment Technology Manufacturer Before Buying

Experience: What relevant experience do you have in the business of metrology and calibration equipment manufacturing?

Calibration is a complex matter. It involves industry-specific requirements, regulations, best practices and most important the exceptional performance of the equipment itself.

The most effective calibration equipment manufacturer will have experience that’s related and relevant to your laboratory’s specific needs. Ensure your choice understands your industry thoroughly and has specific, relevant experience in your lab’s specific testing requirements.

A more experienced manufacturer can help identify and solve problems you may not have considered and will work with you as a partner to develop the solutions you require.

Expertise: What certifications do you have in calibration and metrology standards?

ISO 17025 is the standard for which all manufacturers of calibration equipment must be accredited to.  This is to ensure to the customer that you are receiving equipment that can meet or exceed your expectations and specifications. Verify the manufacturers scope of accreditation, if the manufacturer scope does not meet the product specification being offered, ask for a calibration report from a National Metrology Institute or another laboratory that proves the equipment can meet the specification requirement. Also, ask what other laboratories and which major National Laboratories (NMIs) use your products over the competition. References are an excellent gauge of their expertise in the field. You should never make a purchase without completing a reference check on the product or products you are considering. MI prides itself on our ability to supply every major National Metrology Institute with the very best in measurement equipment.

You’ll also want to consider to ask about the manufacturer’s commitment to intense beta testing, trouble shooting, ongoing research and development, professional certifications and other standards that keep them current and engaged in industry developments.

In addition, you’ll want to ensure that they have a solid understanding of the legal and/or regulatory requirements that your organization should be concerned with in their day-to-day operation in delivering the best results in testing.

Ethics/Integrity: Does the manufacturer you are considering sell based on their own merits or simply sell against competitive technologies?

When you’re purchasing expensive calibration equipment and testing materials, you want to deal with a company that listens to your challenges and offers choices by educating you on the features, benefits of their systems and how they will help YOU get the results you need.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers choose the approach of selling against their competitor rather than focusing on what they do well. We believe this approach may suggest the manufacturer’s product is inferior to who they are selling against. Measurements International considers its customer as partners and therefore we will not sell you something you don’t need but rather determine your pain points and find out how we can address them.

If your sales approach is to put down a competitor’s product, you must not have enough positive assets in your own product to talk about.

Look for a manufacturer that focuses on delivering the best advice and approach for your unique circumstances, implemented the best way, at the best price, end-to-end.

Value: How will you optimize the return on investment (ROI) of your purchase?

While price is inevitably a major consideration when purchasing testing and calibration equipment and systems, value is much more important.

Products and systems by a reputable manufacturer can help reduce losses and contributes to profit through improved productivity, ease of use, exceptional performance and service.

The best systems and products offset their cost by optimizing results through improved efficiency and effectiveness. Proper testing and calibration utilizing the best manufactured products on the market can save you days and months, while providing peace of mind knowing that the best value has been realized and proven methodologies have been used.

Follow-Through: What does the manufacturer’s post sales and support look like?

Almost every system investment will result in new controls, processes and procedures and systems training. Without adequate training and detailed operation manuals for equipment along with post-sale follow-up, implementation and use of the new system may be sub-par.

You want to be sure the manufacturer you choose and the equipment you purchase will be seen through to full optimization.

Finally – A Word from our Owner

“We have always prided ourselves in offering first class electrical metrology standards and calibration equipment to our customer base, giving them the very best measurement capabilities and value,” said Duane Brown, President and Owner of Measurements International.

“Since inception, my company has worked tirelessly with NMIs to bring cutting edge measurement technologies to the market – our products are clearly, world class and we stand behind them 100 percent,” added Brown. “Through better and more accurate measurement, we enable our customers to reach their goals of achieving the best measurement practices with quality products.”

For more information sales@mintl.com or by calling 1-800-324-4988.


About Measurements International

Since 1987, Measurements International based in Ontario, Canada, has been a premier supplier of high accuracy metrology-based calibration equipment for DC resistance, voltage and temperature applications and standards for AC power applications.

The company has multiple offices worldwide and serves the global market of metrology experts and calibration technicians in primary standards laboratories, calibration laboratories and NMIs (National Metrology Institutes). During its 30-year history, Measurements International has brought the most advanced technologies in their class to market that meet world class laboratory standards in accordance with National Metrology Institute (NMI) requirements.

The company developed the 20,000 Amp range extender for CERN LHC project, has been a contributing equipment provider to redefining the kG and developed the world’s fastest and most accurate thermometry bridge. More recently, company principals Duane Brown and Ryan Brown participated in a research project in conjunction with the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) that fabricated and measured a graphene Quantized Hall Resistance (QHR) device alongside a GaAs QHR device comparing them to a 1 kΩ standard resistor using a cryogenic current comparator. Measurement results suggest that making resistance comparisons is possible with a single probe wired for two types of quantum standards. In conclusion, this testing of the established material (GaAs) and newer material (graphene) may promote the establishment of more user-friendly equipment in the future.

For more information on Measurements International, its products and services, contact sales@mintl.com.