Measurements International’s head office and factory is located in Prescott, Ontario, Canada. MI has complete repair service capabilities for all of our AC and DC products.

We offer quick estimates and 90-day warranty on repairs.

In addition, should your instrument require calibration after repair, Measurements International operates a CLAS Accredited calibration laboratory for DC Standards. Please visit our Calibration section of our website, or contact us at

General questions related to repair services is listed below. If you want to contact us directly, please phone us at 613-925-5934 or email us at


  1. All Measurements International repairs are billed “time and materials.” Flat rate repair services are not provided.
  2. There is a $500 evaluation fee for all instruments with the exception of resistors.
  3. Resistors have a $250 evaluation fee.
  4. All evaluation fees must be approved and are credited towards the repair.
  5. An official PO for the evaluation amount is required before the repair can start. A major credit card is also accepted.
  6. Should your unit not be repairable, trade in options can be discussed.


  1. An RMA is required. All repairs are done in accordance with our RMA policy. Contact for an RMA number.
  2. Advise us by phone or email when your carton is en route to us. It will help our customer service department to coordinate the customs clearance with our logistics broker.
  3. Provide paperwork in the shipment carton. Include as much detail as you have concerning the defective condition and reference the RMA number issued to you by MI on the paperwork.
  4. All boxes must be filled with packing material to reduce the possibility of severe damage if the shipper drops, mishandles or shifts the carton.
  5. Advise if you require a specific shipping method. If you are shipping collect, please record it on the waybill.
  6. Always ship units in the upright position with labels that indicate “This package must remain upright.” Many units require additional repair because they are not shipped upright.
  7. Do not ship your manuals unless requested.