Reactor Loss Measurement Systems

Reactor Loss Measurement System

AccuLoss® SR2020
• Reactor Loss Measurements
• Positive Impact on the Environment
• Wattmeter Based
• Fast Reliable Measurements
• Overall Accuracy < 50 ppm
• High-Voltage Capacitors to 800 kV
• Current Transformers to 4000 A

Features & Benefits

Reactor Loss Measurement

The AccuLoss® SR2020 System from Measurements International is a high-quality and reliable solution for measuring losses in high-voltage shunt reactors. This system is designed to operate at very low power factors, making it ideal for large-scale applications. Two of the main advantages of the AccuLoss® SR2020 System is its accuracy and speed. With a full-scale system accuracy of < 50 ppm in phase and magnitude for power measurements and < 0.05 % for voltage and current measurements, you can be confident in the reliability and precision of your measurements. This level of accuracy is essential to ensure compliance with applicable standards and directives.

In addition to its accuracy, the AccuLoss® SR2020 System is also fast and efficient. Its high-speed waveform analysis capabilities allow for quick and efficient measurements, saving you time and improving your overall productivity. The system is also easy to set up and use, and can be wheeled around the shop floor or installed in your test laboratory, making it incredibly versatile and flexible. The AccuLoss® SR2020 System includes a compressed-gas-dielectric capacitor that serves as a standard for comparison of an inductive current, a standard two-stage-compensated Current Transformer and the model 2020A power reference and a controller all mounted in a rack with
interconnection cables to provide high measurement accuracy at very low PFs.

Choose the AccuLoss® SR2020 System for your shunt reactor loss measurement needs, and experience the unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and speed that Measurements International can provide. Contact us today to learn more about this system and how it can benefit your operations.

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