Since its inception, Measurements International (MI) has been manufacturing high-quality test and measuring instruments for the metrology and power industries. From its small, specialized beginning, MI has grown into one of the industry’s premier companies providing new, innovative, standards technology.

Measurements International has successfully delivered automated systems to every national laboratory responsible for maintaining reference values for temperature, resistance, voltage, current and power to the highest obtainable accuracy.

Responding to traditionally complex measuring challenges, MI is investing extensively in R & D. Our engineers continually develop the most advanced technology available for metrology applications. MI has built strong relationships with leading scientists from National Metrology Institutes around the world, providing state-of-the-art products. At MI, we are continuously searching for new measurement techniques and leading edge technologies for commercial applications.

Our highly specialized experience in the field of DC Voltage, Resistance and AC Power enables us to offer a complete choice of automated precision instruments utilizing proven and accepted principles such as the Current Comparator, Binary Voltage Divider, and Time Division Multiplier. These instruments have been designed for years of productive performance and operation while enhancing all levels of accuracy and speed.

In addition to these innovative products, MI has built a reputation for user-oriented, on-site training and highly qualified consulting and calibration services.

At MI we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products possible, designed utilizing state-of-the-art technology resulting in the highest level of accuracy. We are committed to providing our customers with complete product service and support. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your metrology needs and provide you with our “Blue Box” metrology solutions.