46XX Series of High Resistance Scanners

10 Channel Coaxial High Resistance Matrix Scanners

  • 10 Two-Terminal Channels
  • N-Type Connections
  • Front Panel or Remote Operation
  • Maximum 1000 V Peak
  • Resistance Measurements to 10 PΩ
  • Insulation Resistance > 1016 Ω
Features & Benefits

The MI model 4610A is a 10-channel Coaxial Matrix Scanner designed specifically for use in high-resistance measurements. Instead of modifying an existing design that uses board-mounted reed relays, MI designed the 4610A from the beginning with total emphasis on the sample path.

The 4610A employs a completely coaxial sample path from input to output. In this proprietary design, leakage paths are minimized allowing measurements up to 1 TΩ with no noticeable uncertainty contribution.

The 4610A Coaxial Matrix Scanners improve resistance measurement efficiency by eliminating the need to continually change leads when measuring groups of resistors. The input channels can be manually selected from the front panel or via the standard IEEE-488 interface when used in an automated system.

Software supplied with the model 6000B Automated Resistance Bridge and 6600A High Resistance Dual Source Bridge will automatically control the 4610A. This allows for complete automation of multiple resistor measurements and scheduling measurements to be performed at any time, such as overnight when the lab is quiet.

N-type connections are utilized for their superior isolation properties and labeled high and low on the front and rear panels. The input and output channels are floating from the chassis ground and therefore grounded by the measurement system.

A set of N-type to N-type cables is supplied for connecting the outputs to a measurement system. Additional cables are available for connection to various other types of high-resistance terminals.

LEDs on the front panel enable the operator to quickly see which channels have been selected. Front panel LEDs designated A and B to indicate the selected channels.

The scanners have been specially designed with a built-in protection feature that will not allow connection of the same input channel to both outputs.

How to Order

How to Order: 
1. Model 4610A

1. 9331G-01 – N-Male to GR
2. 9331G-02 – N-Male to N-Male
3. 9331G-03 – N-Male to BNC
4. 9331G-XX – N-Male to Special

Operation Two Terminal Coaxial Matrix
Resistance Measurement Error Contribution
1 MΩ to 100 GΩ < 1 × 106
1 TΩ < 5 × 106
10 TΩ < 50 × 106
100 TΩ < 500 × 106
1 PΩ < 5000 × 106
10 PΩ < 5 %
Max Carrying Current 1 A (AC/DC)
Maximum Voltage 1000 V (Peak)
Contact Resistance < 0.5 Ω
Expected Relay Life 10Operations
Insulation Resistance > 1016 Ω
4610A (10 Ch.) Input/Output Connections N-Type
4620A (20 Ch.) Input/Output Connections N-Type
Manual/GPIB Both
Operating Environment 18 °C to 34 °C, 10 % to 80 % RH
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labour

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