8001B 1200 V Range Extender

  • Calibrate the Calibrator
  • 10 V, 30 V, 120 V, 300 V and 1200 V Ranges
  • Best Accuracy < 1 ppm
  • Self-Calibrating Using 8000B
  • Bipolar Voltage Measurements
  • Optional Lab Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure Monitoring
Features & Benefits

The model 8001B Range Extender extends the measurement range of the model 8000A Potentiometer to 1200 Volts. All voltages are calibrated directly against the 10 V reference on the 8000B. The 8001B includes ranges of 10, 30, 120, 300 and 1200 V.

The 8001B maintains excellent short term drift and is self-calibrating using the 8000B Potentiometer and a stable 10 Volt reference. The 8000B and 8001B combination can be used to calibrate and verify the linearity of both calibrators and DMM’s up to 1200 V.

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