8000B 10 V Binary Voltage Divider

Developed & designed by metrologists for metrologists & calibration technicians

  • 20-Channel Scanner
  • Bipolar Voltage Measurements
  • Best Accuracy < 0.05 ppm × 10-6
  • Linearity < 0.02 × 10-6 
  • Standard Cell Protection
  • Voltage Maintenance Programs
  • Range of 1200 Volts
  • Calibration of Fluke 5700A/5720A
  • Linearity Calibration of DMM’s
  • Bipolar Voltage Measurements
  • Traceability to 10 V Zener Reference
Features & Benefits

Discover the ultimate solution for precision voltage measurement with the Model 8000B. This top-of-the-line instrument is designed to meet the demands of the most demanding laboratory environments. Its self-balancing capability allows you to easily scale between 10 Volt references or any voltage between 1 mV to 10 Volts, ensuring highly accurate results every time.

Eliminate the hassle of manual calibration with the Model 8000B’s automatic self-calibration feature. It guarantees ratios to nine significant digits with linearity deviations of less than 0.02 ppm, providing peace of mind with its accuracy and reliability.

The Model 8000B’s 20-channel scanner is a game-changer, making it easier than ever to perform automatic measurements. Addressed individually via the Windows operating software, you can efficiently measure up to twenty 10 Volt references with ease.

Don’t compromise on safety – the Model 8000B has got you covered. Both hardware and software standard cell protection circuits are built-in, ensuring the safety of your measurements.

Get your hands on the Model 8000B today and experience the power of precision and versatility.”

Feature Benefit
Automated self-calibration. Does not require sending out for calibration.
Bipolar voltage measurements. Allows for automatic + and – voltage measurements against +10 V Reference.
Built-in 20-channel scanner. Allows for automation of multiple UUT’s without connection changes to minimize thermal effects.
Standard cell protection Protects references against accidentally shorting or loading.
Voltage maintenance. Ideally suited to calibrate and intercompare 10 V Zener references.
Low uncertainties. 0.05 × 10-6 for 10 V vs. 10 V measurements.
Automatic Self-Calibration Completely Self-Checking
Range: 8000B 1 mV to 10 V (Single Continuous)
* We have attempted to include all reasonable considerations for our uncertainty budgets but your uncertainty budgets should be re-assessed considering your environment, operating conditions and metrological needs. As this is a ratio device, the results that we show can easily be improved upon.** Lower Voltages, e.g. 100 mV, 10 mV, 1 mV the resolution of the DMM (detector) becomes the dominant uncertainty.
1 mV
10 mV
100 mV
1 V
10 V
< 200 × 10-6
< 50 × 10-6
< 5 × 10-6
< 0.5 × 10-6
< 0.05 × 10-6
Insulation Resistance 1011 Ω
Effective Linearity < 0.02 ppm of Full-scale (Full-scale 1 V, 10 V)
Long-term Drift N/A – Corrected by Self-Calibration
Short-term Drift Dependant on Drift of Source and Environmental Conditions
Input Impedance 40 kΩ
Output Impedance 100 kΩ
Operating Environment 18 to 34 °C, 10 to 80 % RH
Storage Environment -5 °C to 40 °C, 95 % Non-condensing
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labour

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