Measurements International’s major technological advantage is the QUANTΩ, the first portable Quantum Hall System in the world. This sets MI apart from other commercial companies as being the only commercial laboratory in resistance metrology that can support its accuracy claims!

Since 1987, MI has grown into the world leading supplier of resistance measurement equipment for laboratories that require the highest level of commercially available equipment. Measurements International has become a company known for being on the cutting edge of science and technology, and its products demonstrate why.


MI products are designed by metrologists, for metrologists!  With hundreds of years of combined manpower knowledge from our design team, you can expect only true metrology practice in the design of each and every one of MI products!


Every day we are working to improve our products and the future of measurement. Offering customers the very lowest levels of uncertainty commercially available!

Quality and Performance

Customers have come to expect nothing but the best from MI products, our team works hard to ensure each product is built with the utmost quality and care to ensure delivery of a world class product to each customer.