Reactor Loss Measurement Systems

Reactor Loss Measurement Systems

AccuLoss® SR2020
• Reactor Loss Measurements
• Positive Impact on the Environment
• Wattmeter Based
• Fast Reliable Measurements
• Overall Accuracy < 50 ppm
• High-Voltage Capacitors to 800 kV
• Current Transformers to 4000 A

Features & Benefits

Reactor Loss Measurement

The AccuLoss® SR2020 System by Measurements International emerges as a premium, dependable solution tailored for measuring losses in high-voltage shunt reactors. Specifically engineered to function seamlessly at remarkably low power factors, this system excels in applications demanding extensive scalability. Notably, the AccuLoss® SR2020 System offers two key advantages: unparalleled accuracy and remarkable speed.

Delivering a system accuracy of < 50 ppm in phase and magnitude for power measurements, alongside < 0.05 % precision for voltage and current measurements, it ensures unwavering reliability and pinpoint precision in your assessments. This exceptional level of accuracy proves crucial in guaranteeing compliance with relevant standards and directives, underscoring its significance in meeting industry requirements.

Opt for the AccuLoss® SR2020 System to meet your shunt reactor loss measurement requirements and unlock a realm of unmatched accuracy, reliability, and speed offered by Measurements International. This cutting-edge system not only boasts exceptional accuracy but also excels in speed and efficiency. Its high-speed waveform analysis capabilities ensure swift and efficient measurements, enhancing your productivity by saving valuable time.

Furthermore, its user-friendly setup and versatility are standout features. Whether maneuvering it around the shop floor or integrating it into your test laboratory, its adaptable nature offers seamless usage. The system comprises a compressed-gas-dielectric capacitor, a two-stage-compensated Current Transformer, a model 2020A power reference, and a controller – all conveniently housed in a rack with interconnection cables. This configuration guarantees high measurement accuracy, particularly at very low power factors.

Experience the ease, precision, and adaptability of the AccuLoss® SR2020 System in transforming your operations. Connect with us today to discover more about this advanced system and its potential to revolutionize your processes.


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