The measurement of electric power and energy at high-voltages and currents at low power factors is becoming increasingly important economically as a way to reduce costs in an ever-growing industrial economy. Today the transformer purchaser subjects the transformer manufacturer to an economic penalty for losses that occur in load and no-load conditions. To keep these penalties as low as possible, it is important that the manufacturer accurately measure these losses. Failure to do so can result in the manufacturer losing important contract awards to their competitors who may be utilizing a more accurate system.

Using “State-of-the-Art” proven two-stage-current comparator technology, the AccuLoss® series of transformer loss measurement systems is designed to meet the needs of today’s transformer manufacturer by providing the most accurate power loss measurement system in the world. Designed for power frequency testing and calibration, the AccuLoss® system can be used for testing small, medium and large power transformers as well as motors and turbines up to 400 Hz. The system is also ideal for R & D facilities. The AccuLoss® system can also be used to measure losses in single and three-phase reactors.

The AccuLoss® series of transformer loss measurement systems has been accepted and installed by transformer manufacturers around the world and distinguished itself in the rugged transformer manufacturing environment. There are two types of bushings available for the AccuLoss® system, Vertical for systems at and above 58 kV L-N and Horizontal for systems below 58 kV L-N. The AccuLoss® system includes powerful “operator friendly” software. Included are voltage and current waveform analysis, manual and fully automatic time-saving range selection and overvoltage and
overcurrent protection.

The AccuLoss® system controller can be directly connected to the plant LAN for transferring data to a host computer for backup and further processing including generating customer reports. As an option, AccuLoss® can be controlled remotely from a separate program running on another computer. This is very helpful in those situations when the power generator, which is not part of the loss measurement system, has to be controlled automatically and from a different location. The AccuLoss® system is a complete transformer loss measuring system and is in compliance with the latest standards and specifications dealing with the calibration of test systems to measure transformer losses.