Accessories include both low thermal two conductor twisted pair wire for voltage measurements, 4-conductor Teflon twisted pairs for resistance measurements from 1 ohm to 10 Meg-ohm and very high resistance measurements coaxial cables from 100 Meg-ohm to 100 Tera-ohm.
The precision high current shunts are a series of High Current Resistors ranging from 1 A to 3000 A with optional air moving fans and resistance values from ohms to micro-ohm.
The Quantized Hall Resistance Standard is internationally recognized as the representation of the ohm and is the most stable resistance standard known. Measurements International is pleased to offer three portable primary standards, the 6800A which uses liquid helium, the 6800B which uses helium gas and re-liquefication, and, the 6800C which is the premier system operating in a fully closed loop operation without the need for liquid helium.
MI’s 9331’s Standard Air Resistors are small, light, and rugged resistance standards that do not require a temperature-controlled oil or air bath for their specification range. The 9331 series features an A version (up to 10 ppm yearly drift) and a B version (up to 5 ppm yearly drift) for operation in any working environment within the range of 18 °C to 28 °C.
The MI series of temperature stabilized resistance standards offer customers the very best in accuracy, and stability. With 3 different models to choose from, covering the full range of resistance values.