6311A Precision Current Divider

  • Precision Current Divider
  • 10A (100:1) and 300A (1000:1) ranges
  • No stabilization period
  • No power coefficient
  • No temperature coefficient
  • DC and AC Operation
  • Replaces Current Shunts
  • Reduces Yearly Calibration Costs
Features & Benefits

Say goodbye to unreliable and outdated Current Shunts and upgrade to Measurements International’s 6311A Precision Current Divider. Designed to revolutionize the current measurement process, the 6311A features a 100:1 and 1000:1 range and operates on the principles of MI’s trusted Resistance Bridge and Extenders.

Say goodbye to the inaccuracies caused by temperature instability and power coefficient issues present in traditional Current Shunts. The 6311A’s current transformer eliminates these challenges and allows for accurate measurements with ease – simply apply power and measure the divided output. With a maximum current of 10A for the 100:1 range and 300A for the 1000:1 range, both ranges can handle both DC and AC current up to 1kHz with uncertainty of < 5 and < 20 parts in 106 respectively, far surpassing the accuracy of DC shunts with a calibration uncertainty of 0.01% or higher.

Built with over 28 years of expertise, MI has established a worldwide reputation for dependability, quality, and performance. The 6311A leverages the ratio of two sets of winding on a DC Current Comparator (DCC) to deliver accurate measurements, making it the superior choice for any current measurement application.

Feature Benefit
No temperature coefficient Reduces uncertainty
No stabilization period Measurements can be made immediately
No power coefficient No error difference from 5 % to 100 % of range
AC/DC Works at DC and AC up to 1kHz
CT/Current Divider Current In is divided by either 100 or 1000
< 5 ppm (DC) / 20 ppm (AC) ∼ 20 times less than a traditional Current Shunt

6311A Graph 1

6311A Graph 2

A new technical paper showing the comparison of shunts to current divider technology has been released. To read, follow the link below.

Improving the Uncertainty of DC Current Measurements


DC Mode
Rating (A) 300
Time Constant (s) < 10
Maximum Input Current (A) 3000
Maximum Output Current (A) 3
Accuracy (µA/A) < 5
Stability 1 Year (µA/A) < 0.05
Temperature Coefficient (µΩ/°C) 0
Power Coefficient (µΩ/W) 0


AC Mode
Rating (A) 300
Time Constant (s) < 10
Maximum Input Current (A) 1000
Maximum Output Current (A) 1
Accuracy (µA/A) * < 50
Stability 1 Year (µA/A) < 0.05
Temperature Coefficient (µΩ/°C) 0
Power Coefficient (µΩ/W) 0
  • * with 1 Ω burden

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