1330A Artifact Transfer Standard


  • Fully Automated Artifact Calibration of Calibrators and DMMs from a Single Instrument
  • Three Standards – One Box
  • Primary 1 Ω, 10 kΩ, and 10 V references.

Measurements International’s recently launched Artifact Transfer Standard (1330A) is a highly versatile, accurate instrument that meets laboratory requirements for automated artifact calibration (to assign values to internally generated parameters) on calibrators and DMMs. This process is typically performed using a small number of standards at recommended calibration intervals indicated in the calibrator or DMM manufacturer manual. The 1330A is composed of a temperature-controlled instrument enclosure, three reference standards, and a battery backup. A power supply is external (part of the power cable).

Feature Benefit
Primary 1 Ω, 10 kΩ and 10 V references. All standards provided in one temperature-controlled enclosure.
Clear connection for JVolt Comparison of 10 V Zener. Providing highest level traceability.
Manual (push buttons on the front panel) or automated control (selected by GPIB interface). Ability to select appropriate standard (choice of 3) for calibration.
Output connections to the calibrator or DMM on the front panel. Choice of cables available (and supplied) feature direct plug-in for 57XX series calibrators or to the 3458A DMM.
Current standard value is extrapolated from prior calibrations. Enhanced automation and improved accuracy.
Oven temperature monitored by internal PRT. Provides better performance of artifacts as the temperature environment is stable and controlled to less than 100 mK.
Calibrated values of the standards entered in the unit. No requirement for set-up.
Front panel display showing certification value. Quick access and reference to information.
Artifact Standard TC1 Stability per Year2 Dissipation
10 V 0.1 μV/V/°C 30 Days: 0.25 μV/V
90 Days: 0.75 μV/V
1 Year: 1.5 μV/V
1 Ω 0.1 μΩ/Ω/°C 1 Year: 0.5 μΩ/Ω 10 mW
10 kΩ 0.1 μΩ/Ω/°C 1 Year: 0.5 μΩ/Ω 10 mW
Temperature Stability ± 0.1 °C Over a 1 Year Period
Ambient Temperature Range 23 °C ± 5 °C
Ambient Humidity Range 20 to 90 % Non-condensing
Storage (with Battery Removed) -50 °C to +50 °C
Isolation to Earth > 1012 Ω
Direct Cable to 57XX Provided
Power 24-hour Internal Battery3
Warranty Standard 2 Year Parts & Labour

1 Temperature Coefficient: 0.2 ppm/°C for ambient temperatures outside ± 5 °C

2 The above specifications are valid after the first 12 months since manufacture due to the natural aging of the internal artifacts.

3Optional (72-hour) battery pack (Model 1330A-PS) contained in own enclosure, plugs into rear of 1330A

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