MI 6311A Precision Current Divider

MI 6311A Precision Current Divider

August 18, 2022

The MI 6311A Precision Current Divider builds upon years of experience in shunt and current calibrations.  With 2 available ranges; 10A and 300A, the 6311A offers current division by 100:1 and 1000:1 respectively. The output can then be measured directly with a laboratory DMM or measured with a reference resistor to calculate the current input.  The 6311A employs an enhanced version of the Direct Current Current Transformer (DCCT) at the heart of many MI products and offers users a much more stable and predictable method for measuring currents compared to the traditional and often outdated DC Current Shunt.  Additionally, the is capable of dividing AC Currents up to 1kHz as well

Key benefits include:

  • Zero Temperature Coefficient – the current output and internal electronics have no noticeable temperature dependency
  • Zero stabilization period – there is no more waiting for a Current shunt to stabilize at current before making measurement and therefore measurement time goes down improving productivity
  • Zero Power Coefficient – the unique design does not suffer any linearity issues due to currents applied above 1% of range
  • AC and DC Current operation.

For More Information:

6311A Precision Current Divider

Email: sales@mintl.com

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