• High Stability
  • 1 MΩ & 10 MΩ/Step
  • Matched to < 10 ppm
  • Low-Temperature Coefficient
  • Eliminates Oil/Air Bath Requirement
Features & Benefits

The model 9316/9317 Resistor Transfer Standard consists of 11 equal steps of 1 MΩ, (9316) and 10 MΩ, (9317). Specially designed toggle switches isolate each resistor and allows the standard to be configured in series, parallel, series-parallel, or separately without the use of external shorting bars.

Precise transfer measurements up to 110 MΩ relative to a single 100 kΩ resistance standard can be obtained with the MI 9316/9317 Resistance Transfer Standard. Based on a unique method for establishing known ratios, the 9316/9317 utilizes a transfer technique that consists of switching resistance elements in series, parallel or series-parallel selections.

Insulation leakage paths (other than those within each resistance section) are from the external terminals to ground. By utilizing three-terminal measurement techniques insulation leakage errors in the transfer of calibration from one resistance level to another are minimized.

Model 9316
Initial Accuracy ± 25 ppm
Short Term Stability* ± 2 ppm
1 Year Stability ± 30 ppm
2 Year Stability ± 50 ppm
Temperature Coefficient ≤ ± 5 ppm/˚C
Leakage Resistance: Terminal to Case > 1013 Ω
Power Rating 1 W/Step (2.5 kV max)
Breakdown Voltage 5 kV

*Limited to 48 hours values repeatability at 23 °C ± 0.05 °C

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