9312A Multiple Value DC Current Shunt

  • 7 Current Ranges
  • 5 μΩ to 500 μΩ
  • Accuracy’s to <0.02%
  • Improved TC
  • Rack or Bench top use
Features & Benefits

The Model 9312A Multiple Value DC Current Shunt is the latest development from Measurements International’s series of DC Resistors and Shunts. After many years of research in low value resistance materials, the Model 9312A ensures that you get the best performance on the market today. Combined with MI’s experience in automated measurements at high current levels, accuracies approaching 0.02% can be achieved at full power from 5 μΩ to 500 μΩ.

The process selected in treating the element ensures the best performance without introducing self-heating errors with improved temperature coefficients.

The elements are supported on an insulating base for mechanical stability and covered with perforated metal to allow for proper cooling.

Special consideration has been given to the process of curing the elements and reducing the overall temperature coefficient. Optimum surface area dissipates the maximum specified power. The Model 9312A may be used as a Current Shunt or as a set of Standard Resistors for calibrating high current, low resistance micro ohm meters. The Model 9312A is used in an air environment.

Feature Benefit
7 Current Ranges Eliminates the need for multiple shunts
Dial Selector Switch Reduces setup and tear down time
Ventilated Case Does not need a fan for cooling
Excellent Accuracy < 200 ppm
Improved TC < 3ppm/°C Less time waiting for stabilization
Selected Resistance Max Current Nominal Current Accuracy
5 Ω 0.1 600 ± 0.02%
10 Ω 0.1 600 ± 0.02%
20 Ω 0.1 600 ± 0.02%
50 Ω 0.1 300 ± 0.02%
100 Ω 0.1 300 ± 0.02%
200 Ω 0.1 300 ± 0.02%
500 Ω 0.1 300 ± 0.02%
Accuracy Calibrated at 23°C – Traceable to NRC and NIST
Stability 1 Year – 100 ppm
Temp Coefficient < 8 ppm/°C
Power Coefficient < 10 ppm/watt in Air
Operating 18 to 34°C, 10 to 80% RH
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor

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