Duane Brown - CEO/Owner

Duane Brown – CEO/Owner

Duane Brown is the CEO and President of MI. Since founding the company in 1987 with the late Dr. Andrew Dunn (former group leader of NRCC), Duane has grown the company into the global leader it
is today.

Duane and MI have been an industry leader in the development and design of commercial DC Current Comparator Bridges and in 2012 he was recognized for his outstanding work in the field by receiving the coveted Wildhack Award, (an annual award given out by NCSLI to a person to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of metrology and measurement science, consistent with the goals of NCSL International) below is the description from the award.

“Duane Brown has been involved in metrology since 1972. In 1990, Duane developed and marketed the first fully automated resistance bridge. This is one of the most significant developments in the field of resistance metrology, providing laboratories with faster and more repeatable measurements while reducing the influences of human operator error. Since then, he has established a MI resistance bridge as the primary resistance measuring device in nearly every national laboratory in the world.”

In 1987 Duane and the late Dr. Dunn saw a need for automation and improvement in Electrical Metrology field of Resistance and Voltage. Since then, Duane has been heavily involved in every aspect of the company watching it grow and become the company it is today. Duane is recognized worldwide as an industry expert in the field of electrical metrology.

Duane and his wife Susan live just outside of the town of Prescott, Ontario about 45 minutes from Ottawa, Ontario. He is a proud father of 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren. His hobbies include fishing, hunting and enjoying the occasional scotch and cigar.

Ryan Brown - VP of Operations

Ryan Brown – VP of Operations

Ryan Brown is VP of Operations at MI. His responsibilities include day to day operations of the company worldwide. With his main focus on business operations, Ryan still is actively involved in companies’ commercial Quantum Hall Resistance department and development.

After graduating in 2002 with a background in Electronics Engineering, Ryan joined the company working the area of DC Resistance and Quantum Metrology. 2007 saw Ryan be promoted to Product Manager, followed by a promotion to VP of Operations in 2012.

Ryan is also actively involved in representing the company World Wide through various items such as CPEM, NCSLI, and other conference and/or activities.

Ryan and his wife Francine have 3 kids and live in Brockville, Ontario about an hour outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Ryan’s hobbies include hockey, fishing, and enjoying listening to a variety of different types of music.

Roman Honig

Roman Honig – CEO MI Europe

Roman Honig is the CEO of MI Europe, and with that title oversees all of Measurements International’s business within Europe. Roman has unprecedented technical knowledge in the field of electrical Metrology and is considered one of the industry experts in the use of not only MI equipment, but other various manufactured Metrology equipment as well.

After graduating from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Roman started off his career as a Metrology Engineer at Mesit a.s. in September of 1987.  From there, Roman continued in the Metrology field until 2001 where he became owner of Amtest-TM s.r.o., which was a representative for MI
within Europe.

In 2004, Roman fully joined the MI team, and in 2005, MI Europe was created with Roman at the head of the company as CEO.

Roman has been not only active in MI Europe operations but also provides valuable technical and sales input into Measurements International Ltd.  He has authored multiple technical papers relating to various aspects of Metrology and constantly provides valuable feedback in product direction.

Mike Frisz

Mike Frisz – MI USA Sales Manager

Mike Frisz is the Sales Manager at MI USA, located in Orlando, Florida. Mike oversees Measurements International’s business in the USA. He has been involved in metrology for over 20 years beginning in 1994 where he trained as a PMEL Calibration Technician in the United States Air Force. In 2001, he spent 3 years as a lab and quality manager for a 17025 accredited laboratory specializing in DC
Resistance Measurements.

Mike joined MI USA in 2008 as Technical Sales and then US Sales Manager. Mike has a strong background in technical sales and is very knowledgeable in all of MI DC measurement equipment. Mike is active in NCSLI as the committee chair for the annual technical training exchange.

Mike and his wife, Kathy, have two children and live in Lake Mary, Florida, a suburb of Orlando.

Kaz Ueyama

Kaz Ueyama – CEO MI Japan

Kaz Ueyama is the President and CEO of MI Japan. Kaz holds a Master of Electrical Engineering from Osaka Prefecture University. In 2015, he founded MI Japan in Osaka, Japan to handle the increase in business within the Japan market.

In his previous career, Kaz worked as Sales Manager for handling various types of different Metrology Equipment including MI. Kaz started his work in this field in 1999 and has been actively involved in Metrology since he began his career.

Kaz and his wife, Mutsumi, have three children and live in Joyo, Kyoto.

Jackie Wang

Jackie Wang – MI China Sales Manager

Jackie Wang is the Chief Representative of MI China. His responsibilities include the development of the China market, customer relationship management, maintenance and international cooperation. Jackie got his Master of Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology.

In 2014, he joined MI as the Chief Representative of MI China. In his previous career, Jackie worked and held the position in NORINCO (2003-2012), and worked as Holland TREBU China General Manager. Jackie lives in Beijing.

Rajesh Vijay - CEO MI India

Rajesh Vijay – CEO MI India

Rajesh Vijay heads the operations of MI India with the title “President and CEO.” He is an Electronics Engineer with experience of over 35 years in the field of electrical engineering and high precision measuring instruments.

Not only has he worked with the government of India, as well as large industrial houses, he has also contributed significantly towards the growth of various well-known multinational entities in India & the neighbouring countries.

He started working at a very young age and climbed the corporate ladder by his own merit and hard work. Previously, he headed Tinsley in India for 14 years and each year gave the company an upward graph.

He is very passionate about the development issues in India and feels that by providing the customers with the required technology, he is doing his small part. He lives with his wife and daughter and enjoys travelling with them often.