Model 9300A Temperature Controlled Chamber

Temperature Controlled Standard Resistor Air Bath with GPIB

  • Stability to < 15 mK
  • Large working area (4 SR104’s)
  • Temperature band protection
  • Peltier cooled
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Temperature range 15°C to 40°C
  • IEEE488
  • Interfaces to 6010, 6242 & 6000B for automatic measurements of temperature coefficients using MI software
Features & Benefits

The Model 9300A Series Temperature Controlled Chambers are designed as a convenient and inexpensive way to maintain the temperature of air resistors in the calibration laboratory. It is large enough to house several standard air resistors and features two adjustable shelves to permit easy access to the standards. The shelves are easily removable.

Easy access to the inside of the chamber is achieved through the conveniently mounted front door. Resistor leads are brought into the chamber through a small, insulated opening in the rear of the unit. The integrated control unit adds convenience as it eliminates a separate controller unit. Temperature control is located inside the chamber. A keyboard control can be used to set the individual temperatures between 15°C and 40°C, or the temperature may be set over the GPIB.

Cooling and heating for the chamber are provided for by a thermoelectric Peltier element using internal thermistors as sensing elements. Internal fans are used to move the air inside the chamber to provide for better temperature stability and uniformity while maintaining a quiet operation. The internal temperature is shown on an external display located on the front of the chamber.

The Over Temperature Protection (OTP) has 4 selectable ranges.


Temperature Set Range (maximum setting point of 12°C below ambient temperature) 15 to 40°C (59 to 104°F)
Set Point Resolution 0.001°C
Temperature Stability ± 15 mK for ± 2°C change in ambient
Temperature Accuracy ± 50 mK
Readout Resolution 0.001°C
Temperature Ramp Time (15-40°C) 100 min
Temperature Ramp Time (40-15°C) 100 min
Selectable OTP Range 14°C ≈ 41°C,

17°C ≈ 31°C,

18°C ≈ 28°C

Internal Dimensions 330 x 510 x 630 mm
Operating Environment 18 to 34°C (64 to 93°F)
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor

Dimensions (L x W x H):

Weight: Shipping Weight: 668 x 432 x 946 mm 73 kg max 88 kg

Main Power 100-240V @ 47-63Hz 320 VA Max.