Model 2503A High Voltage Divider

• 300 to 360,000 Volts
• Outputs of 120 & 1 V AC
• Loss Measurement Systems
• Power Calibration Systems
• IEEE488 Interface
• Division Accuracy < 20 PPM
• Calibration Period 3 to 5 years

Features & Benefits

The model 2503A is the low voltage arm of a high voltage capacitive divider. Based on the compensated current-comparator capacitive divider principle, it provides ultra precise ratio division of high AC voltages down to workable levels. The model 2503A also provides an easy means of interfacing directly to precision wattmeter (2010A) for direct measurements of transformer losses under control of the IEEE488 interface.

The model 2503A will accept inputs up to 10 mA. Several ranges kV of 300, 150, 60, 30, 15, 6 & 3 are also built in to allow flexibility for various input voltages. On range 300 the full scale input is 360 kV, through a 50 pF low-loss high voltage standard capacitor while range 3 offers a full scale input of 3.6 kV. The full scale output is 120 volts.

Front panel and IEEE488 controllable. The two LCD displays monitor the null and output of the divider. The divider is housed in a rack mounted enclosure and is fully protected against transients. All connections are made to the rear of the instrument.

The model 2503A compares the current through the high voltage capacitor to a low voltage standard capacitor connected to the feed-back circuit of the current comparator. The current comparator automatically corrects for any phase and magnitude errors. The divider output is determined solely by the capacitance ratio of the two standard capacitors. Recommended calibration for the 2503A is 3 to 5 years.


See data sheet for specifications

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