7020 Two-Stage-Compensated Current Transformer

  • Ratio 100:1, 2 Amps
  • Ratio 2000:1, 2000 Amps
  • Single Range
  • Highest Permeability
  • Wide Measurement Range
  • Negligible Current Errors
  • Low Burden
  • Low Uncertainties
Features & Benefits

The Model 7020 series of Compensated Current Transformers use passive, two stage compensated technology. The main advantage of a two stage compensated CT is that the effective burden is low when feeding into another compensated CT such as the current input on the Model 2010A Wattmeter or Cx & Cxp input to MI 7010 Capacitance Bridge. As result, the errors of the CT are effectively reduced to zero in both magnitude and phase. Lead length becomes unimportant and there is no further concern for any additional active components.

The model 7020 is supplied as single 2000:1 or 1000:1 ratio device. For other ratios please contact Measurement International at sales@mintl.com The housing consists of a Formica enclosure for the strength and protection required in industrial environments.

The Model 7020 was originally developed as an extender for the MIL Model 2010 Wattmeter where the accuracy over the full range is  important. It is also suitable to be used as a standard current transformer for CT Test Sets or for measuring range extension for Tan Delta
measurements of high capacitance & low inductance values using the Model 7010 series of Capacitance Bridge. The Model 7020 has 50% over range capability.


See datasheet for specifications

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