ALMS Systems – AccuLoss®

• Performance of Load and No Load Loss Measurements

• Heat Run Test

• Induced Voltage Test

• Zero Sequence Impedance Measurements

• Manual and Auto Ranging

• Automatic Calculation & Display of Power Measurements


Model # Voltage Type Current Bushing Type
ALMS1058 58kV L- G 1000A Horizontal
ALMS2058 58kV L – G 2000A Horizontal
ALMS4058 58kV L – G 4000A Horizontal
ALMS2100 100kV L- G 2000A Vertical
ALMS4100 100kV L – G 4000A Vertical
ALMS2200 200kV L – G 2000A Vertical
ALMS4200 200kV L – G 4000A Vertical
ALMS4300 300kV L – G 4000A Vertical