6800 System

6800C QHR Standard

  • Cryogen Free
  • System Accuracy to <0.02ppm
  • Built in Rxx (uVolt) Measurements in ADCC Bridge
  • Built in Rxx (nVolt) Measurements in ADCC Bridge
  • 9 Tesla Standard System Magnet
  • Up to 14 Tesla Available
  • No Liquid Helium Required
  • Stable Controlled Sample Environment
  • Temperature Range 1.3K to 300K
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Direct Transfer to 1kΩ and 10kΩ Standards
  • System Range 0.1Ω to 100kΩ
  • Graphene Compatible
  • Features Accubridge Technology
  • Dual Sample Probe
6800B QHR System

6800B QHR Turnkey System with Helium Re-Liquefaction

The Quantized Hall Resistance Standard is internationally recognized as the representation of the ohm and is the most stable resistance standard known. Many National Laboratories and industries are finding a need to provide highly accurate, traceable reference standards in support of their “hi-tech” environments. The 6800B system has been developed to meet the needs of National Laboratories and Primary Industrial Laboratories around the world.